Rehabilitation and restoration works of cultural heritage monuments and historical buildings

We have been serving various historic buildings, and their rehabilitation works for years. Our output includes reconstruction, rehabilitation, and restoration work.


At the first stage, we execute the construction and reinforcing works for the buildings, changing roof structures, and arranging a new roof cover.

After this, if necessary, the restoration of the existing wooden and metal windows and balconies begins. In case of damage, they are completely replaced with new, similar products. At this point, facade decorative ornaments are being restored-reconstructed, preserving the old decor. In addition, metal stamping elements are being restored.

As we close into the completion of the project, we are installing heating and cooling systems, electrical wiring, and sewer pipes in residential areas. Finally, the yards and the surrounding areas are renovated.


ლითონის ჭედურ ელემენტებს უტარდება რესტავრაცია, ასევე საცხოვრებელი ფართებში ეწყობა გათბობა – გაგრილების სისტემები, ელექტრო გაყვანილობა, წყალსადენ კანალიზაციის სისტემები. მთლიანად ხდება შენობის ფასადის და ეზოს კეთილმოწყობა.