Establishment of engineering networks

These types of services include:

  • Installation of external water supply and sewage networks and construction of buildings
  • Construction of underground and above-ground water and sewage pipelines outside buildings and structures
  • Installation and isolation of pipelines in accordance with the project framework and technological requirements
  • Installation of a pipeline drilled deep to obtain water from the ground surface
  • Construction of wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)
  • Construction of wells
  • Construction of metal or reinforced concrete water storage tanks
  • Construction of water supply and sewerage pressure pipeline crossings
  • Crossing the water barriers (lakes, reservoirs, canals, railways, roads, ravines, rivers and other natural or artificial obstacles)
  • Inspection of culverts and water distribution facilities after filling it with fluids (mainly with water), also known as, Hydraulic test
  • Construction of monolithic and reinforced concrete wells, pump station construction and maintenance
  • Chlorination station construction and equipment 
  • Construction of pressure tower
  • Arrangement of houses, internal wiring of buildings, and individual metering of residents
  • Installation of DMA Water Pressure and Pressure Discharge (PRV) cameras and installation of SCADA system.