Kvemo Machkhaani school

According to the order of the Municipal Development Fund of Georgia and within the framework of the state procurement contract, in 2022 “INSI” LTD accomplished the building of a new school in the village of  Kvemo Machkhaani, Sighnaghi  Municipality.


The public school for 90 students fully complies with modern standards and safety norms. There is an open combined sports field with an artificial cover on the school territory. There are ramps for disabled people at the entrances of the building and an elevator fully adapted for disabled people is installed in the building. There are also bathrooms for disabled people. The building is equipped with video surveillance, fire alarm and notification systems, an automatic smoke extraction system and a control center. The architecture of the building is adapted to the surrounding environment with an original solution.


Deadlines for the works:
Launch: 26 November 2020 Year
Complite: 30 November 2022 Year.

Municipal Development Fund of Georgia