Construction of wastewater treatment facilities in Marneuli

In the village of Sabirkendi, Marneuli district, the foundation of the main building, as well as the foundation of the aeration tank have been laid this week, the final stage of which was to concrete 2500 m2 and 1500 m3 of monolithic reinforced concrete slab for sixteen hours in a continuous mode and smooth the surface of the slab to obtain the final form.

Concrete made of sulfate-resistant cement C30/37, WF-impenetrability grade-3 was used for concreting the foundation. The minimum volume of fittings is by the international standard – EN1992 (Eurocode 2).

In the reinforced concrete structure of the aeration tank foundation, a water leakage retaining tape (Waterstop) has been installed to protect it from water leakage, the characteristics of which comply with the requirements of Eurocodes.

Due to the winter conditions, after the completion of concrete, the surfaces of the concrete structure have been covered with appropriate materials.

After the completion of the construction works of the aeration tank, the tank will be tested for water resistance.